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Published: 04th June 2010
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In general, the Omega wrist watches that include the Omega Speedmaster, are really an exceptionally well known brand of watch for as a result of their faultless accuracy as well as excellent art designs, superior technology and most of all exceptional quality. In the blog that talked about and ranked the Five Styles Most Popular Watches on the planet, the Omega watches ranked third. In addition, the Omega watches designers and also engineers all collaborate closely. These people combine forces perfectly from start to finish when it comes to developing a fresh new watch. As mentioned, in Omega, quality is always regarded as the peak priority and is taken into extreme account from the split second that it is framed.

Omega is the ultimate resilient watch that still continues to carry a lot of prestige as well as beauty. It was likewise no secret, that their background consists of the flight of the Omega Speedmaster for manned space missions, one of which was the first man on the moon. It absolutely was without a doubt quite a fantastic accomplishment for the likes of an elegant and also gorgeous brand of watch. The Omega brand is usually regarded as being the ultimate watch brand for persons that live an active lifestyle.

In relation to motion pictures, the various models of Omega Speedmaster (OS) on it's own have been utilized or featured in around thirteen films.

As early as 1966, a close-up of the original Omega Speedmaster timepiece together with two other timepieces were shown in the beginning of The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery film. 12 months after, the watch was once again used by an American Astronaut in the movie Countdown. During the 1973 movie Last of Sheila, James Coburn wears the Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II. 4 years after, four hi-jackers each used an Omega Speedmaster Mark II in the film Ransom a.k.a. Maniac. Additionally, the original watch was again utilized in the 1983 film The Right Stuff. Do you know Always? A film in 1989 wherein Mr. Richard Dreyfuss was wearing a Professional I model.

In the 1990's alone, 6 of the 13 movie appearances were noted. In 1995, in the space exploration motion picture that featured NASA entitled Apollo 13 the OS Professionals were used. Tom Hanks starred as Commander James Lovell. Apollo 13 was a fact-based film of the actual events of the vivid failure of the American Apollo 13 mission to the moon. Portrayed was the real NASA approved OS chronographs that were officially used on board the space flight. 12 months after, the same Omega watch was used in Gotti. Floating in space inside a spaceship, the original OS model was seen in the Event Horizon in 1997. At the conclusion of the film the Omega Watch Company was given credit. One year afterwards, in 1998 the original OS and OS Professional were utilised by the films Enemy Of The State and Ronin, respectively. Gene Hackman wears the watch in Enemy Of The State while it was Robert DeNiro who worn the OS Professional in Ronin. Mr. Kung Fu, Chow Yum Fat in the 1999 The Corruptor film utilized an OS Professional.

Finally in 2008, in the movie How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, Mr. Simon Pegg wears an OS Professional at the start of the film. And before I forget, in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, a number of Omega Speedmaster models was worn by John Cleese as "Q", as well as some other villains.

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